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Welcome to Flowers and Lifestyle by Margot.


I love flowers and I don't feel like a space is quite finished without them. Whether it's an abundant bouquet or just a few stems of foliage, they bring such warmth and calm to a room. 


Flowers have always featured in my home and I remember having an appreciation for interiors from a very young age. Did anyone else insist on dressing their dolls house windows with homemade venetian blinds? My love continued with the different houses I've lived in with my husband. All have been renovation projects but it wasn't until we moved into our current home, with just over an acre of garden, that my love for gardening and flowers grew.


I'm self-taught in both aspects, albeit I’ve attended a few courses helping me along the way. There's nothing more I love than designing a border or a bouquet of flowers, and I just love how the two complement each other. When I first started designing bouquets, they were quite rigid and structured but gardening and nature has taught me the importance of letting flowers do the talking. They don't always grow perfectly upright so rather than fight it I now embrace it. As a result, my bouquets have become more relaxed and a truer reflection of how they are in my garden and in our wonderful countryside. Where I can, I always try to incorporate blooms into my bouquets from my garden or from the hedgerows where I live, I think of it as my own little signature.


I hope you enjoy my small corner of the internet where I can share my love and passion for gardening and flowers. I also design and sell flowers locally so you never know, one day you may find me on your doorstep with a bouquet of blooms just for you. 


With love, Karen


And just because I get asked this a lot, Margot is me. My middle name is Margaret and shortened to Margot (by my husband). A name I shared with my mum and one I've always truly loved. It therefore felt so right to represent my love for all things Flowers and Lifestyle.

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