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A spotlight on Pampas

Pampas grass is native to south America, hailing from the Pampas region hence its name. It was planted in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand in the 1970’s primarily as an ornamental grass to be harvested and used for its decorative purposes once dried. However, it somewhat fell out of favour for a period of time when it became linked to wife swapping. Now that got your attention didn’t it!

Before this, Pampas had been extremely popular and it is now very much back in favour, mostly because a lot of people are unaware of the connection. I say ‘thank goodness’ for that as it’s such a wonderful plant. I often get requests to add some to bouquets or make arrangements made purely of pampas! Click here to find out my useful tips if you are thinking of adding to your garden or if you want to use as an accessory in your home.

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