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Asymmetrical Amazing Flower Arrangement

My mum was a great gardener and a very keen one. The borders in her garden were deep and full of large shrubs, offset against the prettiest English roses and flowers. As a result, I remember frequently being out in the garden with my mum – maybe, this is where my love for gardening stemmed from.

Gardening for me is pure escapism and even though my mum is no longer with me, I always feel connected to her when I’m out in mine. They always say that certain flowers remind you of certain people and for my mum it’s a yellow rose. At my childhood home we had a huge one climbing up the side of the house and the smell was amazing. As a result, whenever I see a yellow Rose, I’m always reminded of my mum. While I’m unable to give my mum a bouquet of flowers I always make an arrangement to remember her by and to say thank you for being my mum. This year I’m putting together a tall vase arrangement and thought I would share my design. To see more, click here.

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