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Embracing Evergreens

One of the things I love about Instagram is the ability to be able to look back through my pictures and see what my garden looked like in previous years. While Spring and Summer is when the garden really bursts into activity, I love the slow decline and the stillness that Autumn and Winter brings.

Structural plants really come into their own throughout the Winter months, and I believe them to be an absolute must-have in the garden. They are such a welcome sight and bring that ‘backbone’ to a garden. I have a number of evergreens in my garden and have purposely spaced them as evenly as possible, to help create a balanced look. I thought it would be useful to share what I have in mine and where I have them, before they become less prominent, as all the Spring and Summer flowers start to bloom over the next couple of weeks. Also, Spring is a great time to plant evergreens, so I’m hoping to inspire you to plant some of my favourites. To read on, click here.

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