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Styling a room with flowers

One of the best things about Instagram is all the wonderful people you meet through it. I met the lovely Rebecca from @myenglishcountrycottage very shortly after joining Instagram. To be honest, there’s nothing not to love about Rebecca’s account – her posts and pictures never fail to make me smile, and I love the daily dose of humour and gorgeous pictures of her cottage and garden. It wasn’t long before we worked out that we live near to one another, and soon I was writing a regular gardening blog for her fabulous website.

We finally met last year, and it was funny as it felt a little like a blind date – I found myself saying “I’ll be wearing….. and I’ve got brown hair, oh and I talk a lot when I get nervous so just ignore me if I do that”. I can confirm she is as lovely and as funny in real life as she is on her channel. We got talking she told me about her upcoming Christmas photo shoot and whether I would like to do some flowers. Fast forward to a December morning and there I was in her gorgeous cottage, faffing with flowers. It was here I met the stylist Naomi and photographer, Rob. I was so nervous about it all, but I really didn’t need to be aseveryone was lovely. I then met Lucy who provided the wonderful food for the shoot. I was soon pleading with her to cook my Christmas dinner! My goodness her food is so delicious!

Rebecca subsequently reached out to me to say that Naomi and Rob were coming back to do a couple of retakes, and to ask if I be happy to have my home photographed. Obviously I had to contain my excitement and act incredibly ‘cool’ with my response – she says responding within 2 minutes with a big ‘YES’ So, I found myself cleaning the house from top to bottom and planning my flower displays – the cleaning part not so enjoyable but the flower part – oh I was in heaven! To see just a few of my favourite pictures from the shoot and some of my top tips when it comes to styling your home with blooms, click here.

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