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The meaning behind flowers, and why I didn’t go down the traditional red rose route for my Valentine

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

For those of you who have followed me on Instagram and via my blogs, you will have gathered that I have a thing for flowers, both in my garden and my home. My garden is taking a bit of a back seat this week as I focus on everything to do with Valentine’s day – one of the things COVID cannot touch nor cancel is LOVE.

This year I wanted to use my Valentine’s bouquet to not only spread a little bit of love between us and our partners but also to extend this wonderful gesture of giving; giving to your sibling, best friend, teacher or a nurse who has been on a conveyer belt of administering vaccines. It’s a wonderful way of letting people know you are thinking of them, that you love them and that you are grateful for everything they do.

Giving flowers has this wonderful ability to communicate the deepest feelings in the most elegant manner. It’s been said that no tradition is as effective in communicating emotions as gifting flowers. When thinking about my Valentine’s bouquet and wanting to open it up for a greater audience I went back to my books to revisit the meaning of flowers. I must admit I did lose myself going back through them all. Did you know, for example, that white tulips are the best choice if you want to say “I’m sorry”? This is both fascinating and a little concerning as I had white tulips at my wedding!!!

This is one of the reasons I went down a less traditional route of not including red roses in my bouquet. Intrigued? To read on, click here.

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