The Pimms cake - Anyone for a slice?

Shopping list

The sponge

• 3 eggs.

• 150g butter.

• 150g caster sugar.

• 150g self raising flour.

• 1/4 tsp baking powder.

• Finely grated zest and juice of a lemon.

• 1 tbsp of Pimms (I would opt for Strawberry Pimms if you can get it).

The filling and decoration

• Strawberry jam.

• 300ml whipping cream.

• 400g strawberries.

• Pimms ( I would opt for Strawberry Pimms if you can get it).

• 150g icing sugar.

Quick utensil check

• Electric whisk.

• Knives to chop and spread - whatever are your go to ones.

• Measuring scales.

• Baking tin x2 (20cm).

• Greaseproof paper.

• Cooling racks.

You're ready to game, set and match!

• If time is on your side, soak the strawberries in a little Pimms overnight - just to add a little extra Pimms kick!


• Heat the oven to 180ºc, or gas mark 4.

• While you are waiting for your oven to heat, grease and line two 20cm baking tins (side and base). You don't have to line the sides but I do as I find it helps avoid them getting crispy around the edges.

• Pop all of your sponge ingredients into your electric blender and whisk until soft and creamy. Divide and pop them into your baking tins, ensuring they are level. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden.

• Allow the sponges to cool. This is a good opportunity to have a quick tidy, whisk the cream and hull and slice your strawberries for when the cake is ready to be assembled.

• Once cooled, spread your favourite strawberry jam over the base, add a layer of strawberries, followed by the whipped cream. Top with the second sponge.

• Whisk the icing sugar along with the Pimms to create your Pimms infused icing! It should be thick enough to sit on top of the cake but still drizzle down the sides.Once at the right consistency spoon over the sponge.

• Finish off with strawberries on top to decorate.


(serve with a napkin - it's messy).


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