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The power of scent

One of the things I love about arranging flowers is their ability to be used to help set a scene or evoke a memory. For example, I always think of my mother in law whenever I smell geraniums, as she has them scattered throughout her house. Also, a yellow rose with it’s lemony smell will always remind me of my mum. I was recently reminded of the power of scents when working on some wedding flowers. The couple had asked me to put together some chair ends, and while I was getting the wonderful scent whilst putting together the bouquets, it wasn’t until they were all in situ that the scent really had its impact. It was so wonderful walking up the aisle, smelling the different scents of the flowers and how all those scents came together to create their own unique perfume. I still can smell it now, and I hope the couple, when they smell those scents in the future, will be taken back to their special day.

I’m a huge believer of having scented flowers, whether it’s just in the home or for special occasions. to find out just some of my favourites and a few that I recommend avoiding, click here.

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